Our Support Staff

  • Stacey Mayhew
    Veterinary Assistant

    Stacey is joined with Bob and Mr. Farley in this photo. After raising and home schooling 3 boys she went back to school and got an Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology that allows her to work in her dream career. She owns 2 Boston terriers, 3 Yorkshire terriers, 1 basset hound, 3 cats, chickens and ducks.  Home is never lonely!

  • Gerald Garibay
    Veterinary Assistant

    Gerald loves animals and has been working as a veterinary technical assistant for many years.  Jenny is his loveable, beautiful Tortie cat of 10 years who wanders around home. Over 60 fish swim in his 2 aquariums and the largest aquarium is 75 feet!  If Gerald could find more time to be outdoors, you would find him doing his favorite hobby:  fishing.

  • Diana Roerig
    Human Resources

    Barley is pictured with his human Diana who joined CPC after working 25 years for Hewlett Packard. Diana is a life-long animal lover and helps behind the scenes performing administrative tasks. Diana is proud of her nearly 40 years of marriage, her 2 incredible children and 3 grandsons who know her as “Mungah”. She adores farm life and her 3 Australian Shepherds. She also enjoys piecing quilts, spending time in the outdoors and hiking.

  • Seth Mayhew
    Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

    Lulu is keeping Seth company in this photo.  Seth enjoys learning more about animals through conferences and seminars.  He owns so many dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and fish that there are just too many to count.  A fun fact is that both Seth and mom, Stacey, work together at the clinic.

  • Deb Baller

    Deb shares home with Willie, an English shepherd, and Dixie, a parson terrier, who are in this photo. Deb also enjoys spending time with her border collie, Lucy, and Elvis the cat. She competes in a sport called Flyball with her dogs and likes watching football.

  • Missy Owings
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Missy has been practicing for 26 years and received education at both Portland Community College and Linn Benton.  She loves horses and enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.


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